WillDoo IT

 Getting to know  us..

WillDoo IT was born in 2016 from a merger between industry leaders in the ERP game,  Disprax and Willow IT. WillDoo IT’s combined experience of over 100 years developing, implementing and consulting with ERP Software means we know our way around everything ERP. If our team can’t offer you a solution, then your problem probably doesn’t exist.

WillDoo IT’s primary mission is to take the ERP experience to the next level whilst developing and providing quality software products that continually address the needs of our customers with high levels of personal support and consultation.

WillDoo IT is the oldest Australian supplier of ODOO and has developed into an industry leader as the most experienced ODOO partner, serving multiple customers across Australia and New Zealand. WillDoo IT specialises its ODOO Software implementation,  training and consultation for all industries and specialises in timber ERP software using the industry leader, TIMMS.

The Timber Industry Management and Marketing System or TIMMS module was developed to assist the timber industry with support in Financial, Order  Entry and Inventory Management processes. Today TIMMS has 25 distinct modules covering areas of your business such as; financial management, supply chain management, sales and distribution management and inventory management

With the most experience utilising Odoo technology and being a leading supplier of Timber ERP technology, WillDoo IT aims to serve any company and help them grow whilst developing to heights they never thought were possible.