What is the Timber Industry Management Marketing System (TIMMS)?

WillDoo IT is the developer and distributor of the Timber Industry Management and Marketing System (TIMMS) which is a comprehensive and integrated suite of computer, accounting and inventory control software programs. 

TIMMS is the only solution needed to manage your sales and distribution, finances and inventory to grow your business. With a unique modular design, you can tailor the specific TIMMS configuration for your business’s module to create an efficient and reliable process.

This flexibility allows to your specific system to be expanded as your business requirements grow and change.

What's  Covered?

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Complete financial management in the once place as each TIMMS module offers in-depth functionality and reporting for all financial processes.

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Sales & Distribution 

Distribution Software must be able to keep track of your supply chain, Inventory, purchases and your Sales in the group. TIMMS can be easily customised to suit any sales and distribution model.

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Supply Chain Management 

Retain control of your inventory, importing, suppliers and purchases and all other aspects of your supply chain to create maintain efficiency.

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Supplementary Modules 

These modules include; 

  • Archive History Management,

  • ODBC (for data extraction),

  • Scheduler and,

  • Stationary Design.